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Glen Eden School

#190 - 13151 Vanier Place
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The school that isn’t a school – for kids who don’t like school

Glen Eden Multimodal Centre is a treatment centre and accredited school that serves students who have experienced frustration and failure in social settings and with the academic pace of other schools. These children and adolescents, who have complex psychological, neuropsychiatric, socio-emotional and/or developmental difficulties, often find themselves streamed into an alternative program or are discouraged from attending classes altogether. The objective of Glen Eden is to provide these youth with an opportunity to realize their potential. Each student is provided with a highly individualized program in which educational and clinical needs are systematically assessed, evaluated and adjusted on an ongoing basis.

Our team of professionals includes specialists in education, psychotherapy, and neuroscience. We understand that when students are experiencing significant social anxiety it is difficult for them to succeed not only in academics but also in many other areas of their lives. We work closely with these individuals to help them stabilize and learn to regulate their own bodies and minds so they can make the most effective use of their learning and social environments.

Glen Eden provides a learning experience in which each child’s unique perspective and ability is valued and nurtured to its fullest. Class sizes of fewer than six students and/or one-to-one instruction allow us to best support our students’ needs. We apply well-grounded scientific and psychological methods to complement a curriculum that is designed to foster curiosity and wonder. At Glen Eden our child-centred and open-minded approach is geared towards understanding each student as an individual. In this way we can best support their learning and help them to be successful in life
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