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Antrobus & Associates was created to assist and facilitate your business through the processes of Change Management by performing the business process mapping from existing to new process including any affected policy changes that occur from a change in business process/procedures. We can also develop and write the new business procedures and train your staff.

We also offer full Costing Services that includes collecting, recording, classifying, analyzing, summarizing, allocating and evaluating various alternative courses of action & control of costs. It is our goal to advise management on the most appropriate course of action based on the cost efficiency and capability of your firm. Antrobus & Associates can also develop your Products Standard Costs from your Historical Costs or by performing Time and Motion Studies. We can also create variance analysis models and reports for production managers, Sales Force and Senior Management and perform the required variance analysis. You must remember that Not all unfavorable cost variances are bad as it might be necessary to spend twice as much on preventive maintenance to avoid a much greater total expense associated with replacing or fixing assets more frequently.

We also perform compliance audits to assess the overall effectiveness of a business's compliance practices and protocols. While examining processes and transactions, a compliance audit must determine whether the item being examined complies with established standards.

We also have extensive system development, configuration and test experience in both SAP and Microsoft Dynamics.

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