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Wingtat Game Bird Packers Inc. first started as a federally inspected poultry processing plant in 1989 in Maple Ridge, B.C., Canada. With the great influx of Chinese immigrants to our province starting around that time, we started to work along side the farmers to develop breeds of Specialty Chicken (Yellow Chicken), Squab, Silkie, Quail, Pheasant and Partridge that catered to the Asian market. As the demand for our products grew, Wingtat required a bigger processing plant to accommodate for larger volume slaughtering. In 1991, Wingtat built a 10,000 sq. feet processing plant as per the strict Canadian Food Inspection Agency requirements in Surrey, B.C., Canada equipped with slaughtering, processing and storage facilities.

In 1992, Wingtat started to penetrate the markets in the United States and throughout Canada. Products were exported to US supermarkets and other wholesalers as well as establishing sales offices in Ontario and Alberta, Canada. Wingtat also introduced a new product called the Wingtat Taiwanese Chicken with the key features being the chicken is free-run and air-chilled. The reception of this new product was great and to this day, Wingtat is known for its free-run chicken.

Within a matter of 6 years, Wingtat had developed a highly recognized status in the Asian market. In 1995, Wingtat proudly accepted the B.C. New-Canadian Entrepreneur Award with highest honours for "Business Management Excellence in Manufacturing (Processing)."

As consumers started to become more critical of how their food is processed and the quality of the food, Wingtat moved towards using a food safety and quality assurance program that is internationally recognized. In 1999, Wingtat became the first poultry processing company in the province of B.C. and the second in Canada to be HACCP certified.

Over the past 26 years, Wingtat has been a forerunner in developing new products and new markets while upholding and improving the quality and taste of our products. We have added distribution of other meats (pork, beef, ostrich, and lamb) and further processing of poultry and other meat items into our ever growing product list over the years. We have truly selected the breeds, technology, and processing methods that are absolutely the best for bringing you the finest quality and taste in our birds. Wingtat is a company that is able to meet market demands without compromising food safety.

We invite you to taste the difference our quality makes!
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