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The Richmond Chamber of Commerce (RCC) was formed as a society in 1925, originally as a Board of Trade and then later as a Chamber of Commerce.  As a member of the Richmond Chamber, you are also a member of the BC Chamber and Canadian Chamber of Commerce, all of which provide a united voice when representing business and addressing important issues in the community, in the Province and across the country.

Since 1977, the Chamber, in partnership with the City of Richmond, has annually paid tribute to the business community through its Business Excellence Awards.  This event recognizes some 60 companies in six different categories and is always a sold out event.

In May of 2003, RCC took on a new challenge - the inauguration of the 911 Awards.  This project is unique to Richmond as no other community in BC recognizes all of the emergency services (RCMP, Firefighters, Coast Guard, Ambulance Paramedics and the Emergency Services) in an annual event.