The Richmond Chamber of Commerce is a Not-for-Profit organization and as such our Board is a Working Board. Our Directors are active on various committees and we always welcome the participation of our members on a committee(s) of their choosing. Committees are a great opportunity to expand your ideas and become active within the Chamber of Commerce.

Policy Advisory Committee:

Healthy and vibrant businesses are part of the fabric of any great community. In regular meetings with Municipal leaders and staff, MLAs and MPs, the Chamber strives to provide a strong and constructive influence on public policy on a variety of issues that support our members and a healthy business environment.
The Richmond Chamber is becoming an increasingly respected and influential voice in the policy arena, with all levels of government.”- Howard Harowitz, Chair of the Policy and Advocacy Committee:

Transportation Advisory Committee:

Committee members discuss transportation related issues that are relevant to Richmond businesses and community at large. Members share information on items related to their particular business as well as studying information from the media and government.
Good transportation is a necessity for a community to be vibrant. Richmond has it all; roads, transit, air, rail and port!” – Former MLA Doug Symons, Chair of the Transportation Advisory Committee

International Business Committee:

Mandated to expand and facilitate international business opportunities for the Richmond business community. In this last year alone, RCC hosted visiting delegations from Bosnia Herzegovina, China, Hong Kong , Indonesia, Italy, Malaysia, Morocco, Thailand, Philippines, India, Poland, Trinidad & Tobago, United Kingdom, USA , & Vietnam.
We continue to build on the Friendship agreement established by the Richmond Chamber of Commerce and the Xiamen General Chamber of Commerce and the importance of the Asia Pacific region.” - Craig Jones, RCC Executive Director

Greater China Exchange Sub-Committee:

The GCE Committee aims to stimulate interaction between Mandarin speaking business people new to the Richmond business community and Chamber members. All functions are conducted in both English and Mandarin to engage new immigrants and educate them about the great value the Richmond Chamber of Commerce can bring to one’s business.
Our networking events have been instrumental in promoting cross cultural integration and enhancing business collaboration in the community.” - Christine Lim, incoming Chair of the GCE Committee

Ambassador’s Club Sub-Committee:

The Ambassadors Club specifically helps new members navigate through their 1st year of membership and liaise between members and Chamber staff to help new members connect with other members.
"Our goal is to ensure that new and existing members are getting the most out of their membership.” - Nancy Jung, Chair of the Ambassador Committee

Communications Committee:

Staying in touch with our 1000+ members is one of our top priorities, and we’re always working hard to improve how we communicate with them. The Communications committee is continuously exploring how best to reach members via email, e-newsletters, the web & the ever evolving social media landscape.
Having ones message effectively communicated in the current online world is becoming more and more challenging, and all business and organizations must strive to continuously hone their message.” – Matt Pitcairn, RCC Manager of Communications and Policy