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Member News: New shared workspace in Richmond also provides bridge to Asian markets

January 14, 2020

Originally published by the Richmond News, December 23, 2019


With 2020 on the horizon, many businesses are looking westward for opportunities to reach new markets. But how best to embrace the new decade if you aren’t familiar with the business landscape in Asia?

And what if you’re a start-up looking for space that allows you to put your financial focus on developing new ideas instead of costly rents?

HyCity Hub in Richmond has opened a shared workspace that is ideal for companies that require office space for three to five people, as well as meeting and event facilities. The spaces can be rented by the day or leased by the month.

The company’s long-established roots in Hong Kong and Shenzhen also make it uniquely positioned to be a conductor between both sides of the Pacific Ocean.

“We provide entrepreneurs with the necessary resources to better understand the Chinese market and what it takes to do well,” says owner Victoir Wu. “Because of our strong, existing connection in Asia, we’ve already worked with municipalities and have connections with local governments and industries.”

Wu launched HyCity Hub in September 2019 and has already hosted a highly successful one-week China Innovation and Investment Tour that coincided with the China High-Tech Fair in Shenzhen. The tour gave innovative Canadian companies the opportunity to experience the Chinese market and meet with government officials. It also provided them with booth space at the tech fair to showcase their products.

HyCity Hub offers ongoing consulting services that include business registration and legal advice, market analysis and strategy development, access to financing and funding, project management and public relations.

On January 16, the City of Richmond Economic Development will be hosting one of its Entrepreneur’s Toolkit seminars at HyCity Hub. Industry experts will discuss commercialization, go-to-market strategy, IP protection, and other topics to help businesses prepare for funding and growth. Details and registration can be found here.

When it comes to its shared workspace rentals, the facilities are conveniently located at HyCity Hub’s headquarters at 13986 Cambie Road near No. 6 Road. By locating outside of Vancouver’s expensive downtown district, in a building the family owns, HyCity Hub can offer lower rental rates.

“Richmond has been an industrial and agricultural centre for decades,” Wu says. “We’re creating a start-up ecosystem to attract younger demographics to the city.”

To find out how HyCity Hub can help your business reach new markets in Hong Kong and China, or be part of a dynamic shared workspace, click here or schedule your tour here.


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