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Saint Germain – Member Story

A Fusion of Cultures and Passion for Baking

Richmond’s very own culinary gem, Saint Germain Bakery stands as a testament to the fusion of traditional Western and Chinese baking, creating a unique haven for pastry enthusiasts.

Under the leadership of Anne and Mickey Zhao, Saint Germain Bakery aims not only to provide customers with affordable, high-quality baked goods but also to bridge cultural gaps by introducing diverse pastries to the community.

Mickey Zhao, the passionate baker steering the course of Saint Germain, draws inspiration from a family legacy rooted in the industry. Moving to Canada from China over three decades ago, Mickey's journey from culinary school in Toronto to becoming the executive chef and eventually co-owner of Saint Germain Bakery reflects his passion and dedication.

Before Saint Germain, Mickey's culinary skills were showcased on an international stage at the 2008 Culinary Olympics, leading Team Canada to win four gold medals and a fifth-place finish among thirty-plus countries.

Blending Cultures, Serving Quality

Mickey’s journey to success wasn't without its challenges. Initially trained in traditional Western baking, Mickey faced the task of adapting his skills to the Asian-inspired focus of Saint Germain Bakery. From adjusting recipes to sourcing unique ingredients, overcoming these hurdles required a blend of creativity and culinary expertise.

Headquartered in Richmond, Saint Germain Bakery extends its reach to encompass over 300 employees across 15 locations in Canada and has become a cherished local gem.

The bakery's success is not just about its delicious offerings but also the dedicated team that brings them to life.

As Saint Germain Bakery continues to rise above challenges, it stands as a beacon of culinary innovation and cultural fusion, enriching the local community's palate while embracing the diversity that defines Canada.

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"I really didn't imagine that a single location our size would afford health benefits. Most of my staff have been here since the beginning and I think one of the main reasons is the Chambers of Commerce Group Insurance Plan."

Eric Ho, Owner - Little Fox Bakehouse

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