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RW Digital – Member Story

Ray's Path to Entrepreneurship

Founded in 2019 by lifelong-Richmondite Ray Wang, RW Digital is a dynamic digital marketing agency that focuses on helping organizations improve online visibility through Google products like Google Analytics 4, Google Ads, search engine optimization, etc.

Ray, along with his team of 3, is on a mission to give his clients an advantage in the competitive digital landscape – bringing over 10 years of experience in the marketing industry.

Ray's journey to entrepreneurship traces back to his university days, where he pursued studies in marketing & finance. Intrigued by the idea of learning something new every day by working on different projects with businesses from various industries, he gained an early interest in working at an agency.

After graduating from SFU, he gained experience and skills in the industry by working for both in-house marketing teams and marketing agencies. During this time, Ray noticed a growing need for technical Google Analytics consultation and other Google-related specialized services. Therefore, in March 2019, with the encouragement of his colleagues and mentors, he took the leap and started his own digital marketing agency focusing on providing high-quality services centred around Google products.

Early Success and Growth

Despite being a new agency, RW Digital was able to quickly gain momentum, mostly through word of mouth. Leveraging Ray's connections and delivering great results, the agency landed partnerships with notable clients like Audi Richmond, Richmond School District No.38, Auto West BMW, and other companies in the business-to-consumer sectors.

Ray’s involvement in the community has allowed him to build a strong professional network that proved invaluable during the early years of business. Emphasizing the importance of giving back, he notes “as your knowledge grows, you don’t just engage in hands-on volunteer work, but also give back by leveraging connections and donating.”

He volunteers with various non-profit organizations in Richmond, including serving on the boards of Richmond Cares, Richmond Gives and Gateway Theatre and committees of the Richmond Chamber, lending his support wherever needed.

As they mark their fifth anniversary, RW Digital is looking forward to continuing the journey of learning by exploring new markets and forging strategic partnerships. RW Digital’s journey exemplifies the power of specialization, dedication, and community engagement in effectively serving clients and growing a business.

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"Participation in the Richmond Chamber of Commerce has proven to be an excellent way to connect with, contribute to, and learn from the Richmond business community. As a young business professional myself, the Chamber of Commerce has directly impacted my growth and success at Novex. This is largely due to the hardworking staff who put on numerous events and are always available to offer their support to members."

Brett Surgenor, Brand Manager - Novex Delivery Solutions

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