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Everglade Development – Member Story

Crafting Homes with Care and Character

Richmond-based Everglade Development is dedicated to creating homes that exemplify thoughtful, holistic design. Allen Zu founded Everglade, along with his high school friends Jack Ma and Tony Li, with a desire to build homes, not just houses.

The journey of Everglade Development began when Allen discovered his interest in construction and home design while overseeing the building of his family's new home. Unsure of his future career plans, this serendipitous opportunity showed him a new career path that he chose to follow.

After graduating from UBC with Diplomas in Urban Land Economics, Allen, Tony, and Jack, decided to start their journey in development by working on single-family homes for friends and family and later, formal clients from 2011 to 2016.

In early 2017, they incorporated the company and started their first multifamily home project, Manoir. However, this transition came with challenges like navigating through the complex policies and development procedures for the project.

Building Success, One Home at a Time

Everglade learned the intricacies of the development process and mastered the process of developing smaller scale projects before jumping to larger scale units. This allowed them to focus on sustainable growth.

According to Allen, Everglade's success lies in the happiness of their team and the satisfaction of their residents. The company takes pride in the recognition it has received for its thoughtful approach to development.

They are particularly proud of the positive feedback from residents who appreciate the details that make their house a home. Notably, one such resident, impressed by Everglade’s work, decided to become a part of the company. Allen says, "if somebody buys our home and one day down the road they say ‘I really enjoy living here’ that's success for me."

With a growing team and a pipeline of exciting projects, Everglade Developments is poised for continued success. The company remains committed to creating houses that can become forever homes for the residents.

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"I really didn't imagine that a single location our size would afford health benefits. Most of my staff have been here since the beginning and I think one of the main reasons is the Chambers of Commerce Group Insurance Plan."

Eric Ho, Owner - Little Fox Bakehouse

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