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Five Roads Brewing – Member Story

A Journey of Passion and Community

Nestled in the heart of Steveston Village, Five Roads Brewing is more than just a place to satisfy your beer craving; it's a testament to passion, community, and resilience. Established in 2019 by partners Aaron Fourt and Charlie Chakal, Five Roads has quickly become a local favourite.

Originally founded out of their 6,000-square-foot facility in Langley, Five Roads’ Steveston Tasting Room serves their 20 different beers. Five Roads prides itself on its seasonal selections and local ingredients. Charlie and Aaron’s shared passion for beer is evident throughout their locations. The ambiance and décor, featuring century-old lumber furnishings, reflect Charlie's background in lumber trading, adding a unique and personal touch

In 2020, Five Roads expanded to Richmond, where Charlie, a long-time resident, aimed to recreate the English pub culture he cherished in his childhood. Despite facing challenges navigating the constantly evolving liquor laws and government regulations, Five Roads Brewing has thrived, emerging stronger, and learning valuable lessons along the way.

Crafting a Community, One Beer at a Time

Five Roads Brewing stands out for its commitment to the local community. All ingredients, from meats to bread, are sourced locally, supporting neighbourhood businesses and fostering a sense of camaraderie. The brewery is not just a place to enjoy a drink; it's a community hub where families are welcome, children can play, and everyone knows each other.

Charlie says Five Roads' success is in the recognition from locals and the positive feedback from both regulars and out-of-town visitors. "It's not just about selling beer; it's about building relationships," Charlie emphasizes. Five Roads places great importance on customer feedback, continually listening to their patrons to create beers that customers truly enjoy.

This responsiveness ensures that Five Roads' offerings evolve with the tastes and preferences of their community, resulting in a diverse and well-loved beer selection like the award-winning Permanent Resident IPA, the seasonals Get In The Pool Kiwi Coconut Sour, Uno Mas Mexican Lager, Bear Hug West Coast IPA, and many more.

Looking ahead, Charlie and Aaron are committed to serving the local community with pride and passion, striving to make Five Roads Brewing synonymous with exceptional craft beer. As Charlie puts it, "I want to make this brewery ignite the same feeling for people as when I used to live in England, where everyone goes to the pub, knows everyone, and feels welcome." They also aspire to collaborate with other members and have their beers available in businesses throughout the community.

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"Participation in the Richmond Chamber of Commerce has proven to be an excellent way to connect with, contribute to, and learn from the Richmond business community. As a young business professional myself, the Chamber of Commerce has directly impacted my growth and success at Novex. This is largely due to the hardworking staff who put on numerous events and are always available to offer their support to members."

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